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Ellen for the W4P

It is beautiful and wealthy country.
Incredibly powerful resource — not only rich in nature resources — but in human resources as well: the amount of talented and hard-working people in Ukraine are amazingly huge. (It’s
But due to the abnormal amount of corrupted, lazy, unprofessional politicians, who steal as much money as they can from the nation, our country is sinking in blood and lie.
We have a war in our country right now.
But our politicians, ruling the country right now, stealing and stealing. They don’t even care too much about the good things they can do for our country. They are like hungry pigs, that can’t stop eating. They don’t care of people and their needs at all.
With your help, friends, we are going to found a Creative Youth Center, where all talented, creative and active young people will have an opportunity to develop, support and grow their talents and skills. And this Center can also be used to rehabilitate soldiers of Russian-Ukrainian war.
Because it’s a war — it doesn’t matter what our President is trying to say in his speeches to the World.
We want to be an example, with this project on Kickstarter, how you can use money to benefit society. Helping to someone who needs it now, supporting talented youth.
Because they are – the future of our country.
Our future.

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