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W4P - the project of creation, we all aspire to the World!
W4P - a project about the power of the mind of normal people! With this project, we want to show that in the world there are actually more normal people than is generally believed. And if people get together to achieve a common goal, they are really an irresistible force!
The power of the mind!
We are here to help!



hand animals will give in good hands buy hand animals will give in good hands buy

jewelery from shot cases

jewelery from shot cases

The soldiers of the volunteer battalions of the Armed Forces are holding back the onslaught of Russian aggression in the East of Ukraine - the Gateway to Europe. It was thanks to them that the first strikes of the Russian invaders were kept. And thanks to them, aggression choked! These are real fighters for Peace! The demobilized fighters organized the production of these jewelry items to support their comrades at the front!
Handsome men?


Girl's Best Friend

Girl's Best Friend

Jewelry from gold from the best masters of Ukraine, able to satisfy the most exquisite tastes!

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This Ukr

A true Ukrainian in 12 years mastered the basics of blacksmithing, forges staples for dugouts, and dreams of an early victory, his name is Sasha Bakhtar. He at 80% makes

Ellen for The W4P

Alena for W4P (Russian)

SupportW4P projectWe are here to help! Ukraine ... The richest country ... The most powerful resource, both natural and human: the number of talented and hardworking people is staggering ... But because of incompetent, corrupt politicians

Proposal of the ICF W4P

Пропозиція для українських виробників товарів і послуг. Join the ICF W4P club!
Bazhaete Torguvati z sіim svіtom through the official site of the International Blagodniy Fund "World 4 Peace"?
1. Списувати відправку Your goods for good. Is it advisable to receive payments to the Fund, as well as additional assistance to the Fund?
2. Vidpravlyati goods in sisі points svіtu without vsіlyakih митних зборів, мит. Сплачуєте тільки транспортні витрати, незалежно від кількості?
3. Priimati імпортні товари (у т.ч. техніку, авто) без всіляких митних зборів, мит. Do you pay for transport?
4. Mati svy Automation Shop a kind of pratsyue on you 24 godini at the dosh 365 dniv on the river?

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